We are/were the “Cobblers Kids” and I have to admit I am guilty of using this phrase when talking about Bloom for way too long. But while being dedicated to our client’s marketing needs may be admirable, it’s no excuse for not “keeping shop” the way we should. I am proud to say that in 2015 we successfully launched more websites than any other year so it is safe to say website strategy is something that we do well and it’s about time we did it for ourselves.


So we embarked on developing a website strategy plan that would not only showcase some of our work and explain our process, but also create a resource where we can start a few conversations and share some information – like tips that could be helpful to other businesses planning on launching a new website too.

,Whether you’re looking to build your first website, or if your existing site just isn’t getting the clicks or conversions you were hoping for, you can help to optimize your website performance by ensuring it contains key elements to drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

Gone are the days where all it took was a URL, fancy Flash graphics, and an expensive advertising campaign to temporarily boost traffic. Today’s buyer wishes to consume information when they want and how they want and often-times without the involvement of a sales person. More importantly, they want to be educated and not sold to.


Our free ebook,‘Business Website Development Must Haves’ will give you some helpful tips to reach today’s buyers by integrating search, social media, content, blogs and more into your website and how these inbound marketing tactics can be your key to increasing qualified leads including how to:

Get Found Online – A great website isn’t so great if no one visits it. Getting found online is at the very top of the funnel of your inbound marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must-have to any website strategy, but it takes hard work and consistency to increase your organic (non-paid) search engine rankings.

Design & Usability – Once you’re generating some good traffic by getting found online, your next focus is getting that traffic to stay on your website. It depends on the industry, but most websites have a 30-60% bounce rate on average. This means a large majority of web traffic entering your website leaves without navigating to any other pages and many times they may never come back. Which is why improving user experience and decreasing your bounce rate is essential.

Create Content – Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. With the rise of inbound marketing content has become front and center in the minds of marketers. It is what search engines and people are looking for. It’s what drives visitors to your site and turns prospects into leads and why you need to know how to create killer website content.

Increase Conversions – Once you know what it takes to drive traffic and engage visitors with great content, the next step is to get your visitors to convert from a prospect into a lead. You don’t want them leaving without providing some information or else you will lose the opportunity to nurture them until they are ready to buy. You want to increase your website conversions start with some effective CTAs.

We hope you find our free ebook,‘Business Website Development Must Haves’ helpful in building or enhancing your website. Please reach out to us with any questions and let us know what you think of our new site too!

25 Website Must Haves - Free eBook