about bloom media

It feels like we have been in the field of creative marketing for our entire lives. Through our adventures we were fortunate to work with many extraordinarily talented people, most of whom we now have with us here at Bloom Media. All of us strive to achieve greatness at our own little niche in this fast-moving advertising world. It shows in the accomplishments we achieve for our clients on a daily basis. All of us will continue to deliver successful, results-driven creative solutions until we're old and gray. We love what we do.


Our process is similar to many other agencies, after all we were employed by them before starting Bloom. It starts with research of the brand, product and most importantly the consumer. Once we know where we are going we develop a strategy to get there.

Effectively reaching your audience with insight-driven creative strategy
Leveraging the most effective media channels through proven resources
Attracting new customers with engaging acquisition efforts
Improving customer relationships with effective loyalty programs
Regaining former customers with targeted communications
Efficiently working within your budget without sacrificing quality

about our clients

What our clients seem to like most about us is we provide the experience and the results they want, without the added layers and added fees of a traditional agency. We are easy to work with, available when you needs us and because we provide many in-house services including video, animation and photography, we are able to keep costs streamlined and make the most aggressive deadlines achievable. But you don't have to take our word for it, some of our valued clients were kind enough to share a few words of their own...

"Thank you for being so helpful with this event. You did an excellent job. It means a lot to hand over the reins on a project and know that it is going to get done on time and get done right."
– Danilelle Delaurio, Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau

"Bloom Media worked within our budget constraints, and, moreover, the quality of work was excellent. Their staff was flexible, available and very professional at all times, and their videos have been well received across Long Island and New York State."
– Dr. John Williams, Superintendent, Amityville School District.

thank you all so much