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4 Compelling Content Types to Attract Customers to the Top of Your Sales Funnel

Your content marketing strategy will play a key role in attracting new customers into your business.  As you create and distribute quality content that resonates with your target audience, you will greatly enhance your brands presence online, boosting your follower engagement, generating traffic to your site and leads into your funnel.  However, to be effective in your content strategy, the key is ensuring that the types of content you use is conducive for this stage at the top of the sales funnel.

10 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Performance Stinks

Ahh, the Landing Page, love em or hate em they are everywhere and for good reason. Businesses can target a specific audience, product or keywords and then plaster it on social channels, optimize it for search results, pay for that coveted keyword click, the list goes on. The landing page offers us an opportunity to connect and convert with audiences – provided it’s done correctly.  The end goal here is results, time is precious, dollars are limited and you can’t afford spend either on landing pages that don’t deliver. So when you are planning that next landing page effort, we want to make sure you are on the right track for positive results and maximum ROI. Here are some of the problems I have encountered over the past 12+ years of developing successful landing pages – and of course, how to fix them.

Video Production Services that Won’t Blow Your Budget

Welcome to the video age. Everywhere you go, everyone is watching videos – on their phones, on their tablets, on their laptops. And everyone wants you to see the video they just watched. They share them on Facebook. They share them on YouTube. They send you a text link. You know it’s time to get videos out to the world about your business, but you’re scared. You cannot spend a ton of money, but you don’t want to create videos that go viral because you did it wrong either. Here’s a look at video production services that won’t blow your budget.

5 Tips for Proving ROI on Your Marketing Content from Top Marketers

Tracking the ROI of your marketing activity isn’t always easy. So I asked some top marketers to share some tips on how they are achieving success. They really came through with a great range of strategic approaches, practical tools and helpful tips that I am pleased to share.

Have a look and please be sure to let us know how you are Proving ROI on Your Marketing Content too.

A Successful Aerospace Marketing Strategy

Branding A 40 Year Old Proprietary Process
Ontic is the leading global provider of OEM-pedigree parts and MRO services for legacy aerospace platforms. Through licensing and acquisition they continue to manufacture support mature products for as long as customers need them. We worked with Ontic to brand this proprietary process while maintaining a relationship with the Ontic brand and parent company BBA Aviation.

Developing Marketing Campaigns for Millennials

With a 90 year heritage this iconic eyewear brand is known for its on-trend frames and expert service at a value for the 25-54 age group. But when Cohen’s set their sights on the growing millennial market, the data was clear – the time to attract the potential buying power of this soon-to-be majority target audience is now. So we started with the facts, relying on real-time market research and industry insights to better understand what engages and incites these young consumers and used that data to drive our strategic approach and develop a fun and creative campaign.