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Painless production outsourcing on-demand

The quick website edit, new product collateral, sales support materials, internal campaigns and dynamic email templates to name a few. These are the quick-turn asks that are filling up your inbox and bogging down your ability to focus on your best work if any of your attention is being spent on how to get it all done.

Tactical Support Bloom Media

They may seem like small tasks but they add up quick and are important to the people, processes and company they support.
So what is the most viable solution to this daily daunting to-do list?

We are, and here is why…
  • We listened to the our clients talk about their production needs and pain points
  • Established a skilled creative services team to provide the solution
  • Our operation is nimble and our process is streamlined
  • Which means we can deliver high quality work without the wait

And when you experience the level of service and cost savings we create, it easy to see why we continue to partner with more savvy marketers just like you.

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in house creative

Internal creative departments can offer a certain amount of support but having additional resources available is important for two major reasons; the range of capabilities multi-department creative requests require can very often out number the available staff. Add to that an influx of quick-turn requests and the occasional sick day which is why bandwidth is one of the biggest battles we help you win by supplementing your staff.

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Headhunters may offer some degree of time savings when seeking qualified candidates but that’s only if they can judge talent the same way you would. The process can resemble the search for a needle in the haystack plus what the extra fees or commission will cost you.

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Freelancing platforms can help you narrow prospects and you may even see a few successful projects but suddenly a deadline is missed, the quality of work drops and eventually they disappear. Sure they may be replaceable but that takes time you don’t have and a risk you can’t afford.

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If you have an “agency of record” ideally you can trust your high-profile campaigns are in the right hands. But as capable as Cannes contenders may be, your day-to-day production needs are not a priority which makes turn around time painfully slow and costs high leaving your to-do-list undone.

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Bloom Media

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At Bloom, we have been successfully providing production support to clients of all sizes and industries for over a decade. To you, we are simply your skilled production team and to those counting on you to get it all done – you are a superstar.

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