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10 Tips and Tricks to Improve Keyword Research

If you want to optimize your website and its content for search engines (and you do), you need to know which words to focus on. If you don’t know what your audience is searching for, or how competitive the keywords are that you are trying to rank, it’s easy to get frustrated. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools out there to help you succeed (and a lot of them are free). If you are new at this you have to remember it takes time to become good at anything, keyword research is no different. Sure you can come up with great options from the starting line, just be prepared to put your time in and be patient. Here are  10 tips and tricks you can use to improve keyword research and propel your SEO efforts forward.

10 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Performance Stinks

Ahh, the Landing Page, love em or hate em they are everywhere and for good reason. Businesses can target a specific audience, product or keywords and then plaster it on social channels, optimize it for search results, pay for that coveted keyword click, the list goes on. The landing page offers us an opportunity to connect and convert with audiences – provided it’s done correctly.  The end goal here is results, time is precious, dollars are limited and you can’t afford spend either on landing pages that don’t deliver. So when you are planning that next landing page effort, we want to make sure you are on the right track for positive results and maximum ROI. Here are some of the problems I have encountered over the past 12+ years of developing successful landing pages – and of course, how to fix them.